Health and safety in the workplace

If someone considers the consequences resulting from any possible employee involvement in an accident, one will definitely want to redefine and upgrade the level and knowledge of employees concerning safety in the workplace and how they work in it. Each employee is entitled and should be trained properly, so that the chances of one being involved in an accident are drastically reduced.

This need for security can be covered by Health and Safety in the Workplace training. The training also seeks to raise awareness among workers on safety, and to support the company in introducing a new safety “culture”.

Microsoft Project

The participants are trained in the Microsoft Project program, using a personal computer, by executing short exercises during training as well as with the help of a project, the process of which they are asked to depict.

The course addresses to middle and senior executives who want to increase their skills in MS Project and executives who have no prior knowledge of any MS Project.

There are beginners, advanced and composite classes.

Project management

Companies implement their strategy and move from one state to another by organizing projects. The successful execution of projects, that is the materialization of the planned business case at the forecasted-and in even better- time, cost and quality levels than projected, is a prerequisite for a successful strategy.

Special training seminars in Project Management

Responsibility of a company that aims at continuous developement, is to organise the conditions for successful projects. Some of them are staff training in technical skills and behaviour, as well business-to-business structure, philosophy and culture creation that support the management based on projects.

Specialized preparation courses for IPMA certification examinations of Project Managers

Prepare properly for top international certification in Project Management of the IPMA (International Project Management Association). Take a place among the 100.000 project managers in 45 countries around the world!

The seminar addresses to new and experienced project managers, project team members, business executives and in general to anyone who manages, supports or is involved in projects. The seminar participants will gain specialized knowledge of Project Management and will obtain all the necessary supplies they need to become experienced project managers.

Our trainers, being themselves certified Project Managers and having already trained more than 170 already certified Project Managers in Greece, know exactly what and how each candidate should act in order to succeed in the certification exam of Project Management.

Composition and management of transport companies

Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to inform people about the liberalization of road transports and to train transport companies, motorists and executives of transport companies who aspire to organize themselves into companies in order to survive and grow within the new offered institutional and economic environment.

Addresses to:

  • Motorists who want to join forces and create successful transport companies
  • Owners, Directors and Executives of transport companies


The trainers are highly esteemed executives of multinational and Greek companies specializing in Logistics, with extensive work experience.

Contents of the seminar:

The context

  • The new institutional framework for established transport enterprises
  • Trends and future developments – SA and LTD
  • The new tax regime and the dynamics that creates
  • Possibilities of Development law and programs

The strategy

  • Recipes for survival and growth under a crisis
  • The new era’s successful transport company: Vision, Purpose, Strategy, Tactics, Structure, Climate
  • How to build the Business Plan
  • Attracting investors and funding
  • Strategic partnerships with clients and colleagues
  • How to “discover” business opportunities – Matrix Method


  • Basic principles of Leadership, Management, Supervision
  • How a transport company is organized and managed: Organizational Chart, Roles, Job description, Limits of authorities
  • Planning, Coordination, Control, Target, MBO, KPIs
  • Principles of Marketing and Communication – internet promotion

Financial issues

  • The transport cost – costs and fares
  • Ways to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Eco-driving and Reco-driving
  • Risks and risk insurance

The vehicle

  • How to obtain infrastructure and vehicles
  • Select vehicle type based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Selection criteria for private or public use vehicle, age replacement, purchase or leasing, in-house versus outsourcing
  • The future belongs to high quality public use vehicles
  • Principles of effective and economic routing

The driver

  • Driver management- selection, training, motivation, participation
  • The driver: a lever to reduce cost and increase project
  • How the driver can become the company’s ambassador

The customer

  • Customer-oriented approach, how reputation and clientele are built
  • What does the customer want from the ideal transporter
  • Sevice Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Wage based on Performance Scorecard

Economics for Engineers and Production Managers

Seminar description:

The company’s executives and engineers, when attempting to improve the company’s performance, need to know and understand economic concepts such as balance sheet, loss account and cash flow. Decision making without the necessary understanding of the financial consequences of that decision can lead to business failure.

Seminar purpose

The purpose of this seminar is the provision of basic financial knowledge that will enable learners to:

  • Perceive better the economic function of the company in the modern environment
  • Get familiarized with economic concepts and definitions that need to know on their daily business environment
  • Make decisions in which they take into account the possible financial consequences in the company

Addresses to

  • Engineers staffing the various units other than the company’s financial services
  • Engineering Managers – Supervisors and Managers of all departments
  • Executives and Managers in Production, Logistics, Supply Chain

Expected results

The trained executives at the end of the seminar will have gained sufficient understanding of the financial function of the company and will know the basic economic terms that are essential to know in order to achieve effective function in their workplace.

Contents of the seminar

  • The context
  • Strategic organizing
  • Annual budget. Capital investment budget
  • Analysis of deviations
  • Total cost of ownership – cost over the asset’s life
  • “To build or buy?” Decisions
  • In-house versus outsource decisions, maintenance or replacement, purchase or rental
  • Depreciation, Break-even point
  • Management Accounting with emphasis in Throughput Accounting
  • Design of a company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Modeling cost and price
  • Presentation of financial affairs for internal use and information
  • Resource allocation and exploitation, Efficiency-Effectiveness
  • Cost analysis – cost, profitability and revenue centers
  • Historical and sunk cost and why it should not be taken into account in decision making
  • The concept of quality cost
  • The cost savings resulting from reduced inventories, cycle time production as well as from the reprocessed and improved production efficiency
  • Explanation of quality characteristics in decision making
  • The concept of just-in-time in production and maintenance systems
  • Cash flow, DCF, NPV, IRR
  • Sustainability, internal and external cost

Startup Workshop

projectyou organizes Startup Workshops designed to provide practical knowledge and step by step guidance to those interested in creating their own sustainable business.

The organizers recognizing that:

  • one of the biggest problems plaguing Greece today is unemployment of young graduates, of private and public sector executives and professions who are forced to close their business and look for new opportunities
  • in recent decades the employees do not have the knowledge and skills to engage in entrepreneurship

offer Startup Workshops to those who want to meet these needs.

Create New Commercial Activities in your Company

The workshop aims to provide practical knowledge and experience in business executives to discover and implement new profitable business.

The Organizers of the Workshop recognizing that:

  • one of the biggest problems in Greece today is the lack of viable business ideas that are characterized by innovation, extroversion, high productivity, competitive advantage, and that
  • in recent decades the employees used to work without encouragement for initiatives, that resulted in lack of entrepreneurial thinking and action,

offer the workshop «Create New Commercial Activities in your Company» to the high and middle level executives.

The workshop is addressed to high and middle level executives, business development managers, project team members, owners of companies of all sizes and in general anyone who is responsible for the development of his company.

Six Thinking Hats

The seminar aims to teach the “lateral thinking” as more producive than confrontation and argument which often result in personal disputes, delay in decision making, a disruption of team spirit and prevalence not of the best idea but the opinion of the most powerful

You will be trained how to organize meetings effectively , when there is need the decisions to be made quickly, the best ideas are evaluated to obtain the best , while strengthening the team spirit.

Be the leader of changes!

Nowadays in Greece many companies, institutions, organizations have realized that they need to change in order to survive and grow. Unfortunately, the last years did not allow to develop expertise in organizing and implementing changes.

The seminar aims to showcase the culture, skills, behaviors and educate the methodologies needed to successfully implement change and to support them with references from the international experience of the speakers.

To whom is addressed to:

  • To executives of companies, organizations, institutions which aspire to function leading to changes in their field
  • To exectives in which employers have chosen to delegate the implementation of change programs
  • To owners of companies who want to customize their course requirements of the times
  • To people who want to see the “other side” of things to improve their personal skills as “agents of change”
  • Procurement management for cost reduction

    The course includes training in Strategy, Operations, Finance and procurement negotiations.

    Goals of the course:

    • To strengthen the capacities of the staff of the Division of Purchasing and increase their efficiency *
    • To improve workflow and reduce the response time to orders
    • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the staff
    • To reduce the workload of low-value work
    • help to achieve more results in favor of the Agency, by opening the “big picture” to executives supplies