Vocational guidance

Career guidance or professional concern? This question concerns young people from high school until the first years of their professional attitude.

But why wasting time?

Projectyou is by your side to help you find your future. Our people, with great knowledge of the market, can share with you their experiences and with the contribution of Ariston Test, they will find your keen interests and appropriate professions matching that interest.

Relationship Management 360 – Empowering staff

The seminar addresses to professionals and business executives who want to develop their skills, develop creative relationships with their environment, define and achieve effectively professional and personal goals and visions.

It is a practical knowledge, attitudes and actions guide that is recommended by both scientific literature and business experience. This guide is more necessary than ever in the new business environment.

It aims to provide accumulated knowledge and experience that will strengthen new executives, through self-awareness and management of relationship 360, to rocket their performance and their career without being “hurt” in their first business steps.

For the first time, the business executive is taught the holistic management of the human environment and learns how to manage not only his subordinates and his team but also untouched areas like his boss, his colleagues, his clients and particularly himself.

Effective decision making

At a time when the economic environment changes occur more often, every company needs to be able to make and implement right decisions quickly.

The company, in order to achieve this, needs to equip its staff with expertise, competence and attitudes and to develop its intellectual capital.

In addition, the staff should know how to use either individually or collectively techniques that have yielded in their application in recent years in many companies. The company must create the appropriate structure that encourages decision making by executives regarding their level of hierarchy and their competences.

These, among others, are taught in the seminar along with individual and group exercises to strengthen the trainer’s technical and behavioral decision making.

Management – Leadership

The current era of ongoing developments needs leaders who will guide the teams and work for the team as catalysts that will maximize performance, confidence and self-activation of the group in order (for the group) to find effective and rapid paths that will lead –very possibly- to the leader’s vision.

The leader’s characteristics, the different leadership personalities, the leader’s behavior and motives, etc consist part of the seminar. We also analyze the differences between Manager and Leader, the leader’s relationship with his employees, team and vision as well as the leader’s priorities.

The seminar addresses to middle and senior managers and is designed to support them with the knowledge and attitudes that those people who want to lead organizations and people should have in order to shape the corporate culture that will activate the potential of all managers, staff, partners and customers to maximize the human and social capital of the company.

Road safety

Projectyou, in collaboration with the best trainers of professional drivers, offers special seminars aiming to raise awareness of professional and amateur drivers in safe driving.

Trainees learn why road safety is important, the rules of safe driving behavior and what practical ways can anticipate and prevent accidents on the road.

Road safety is considered a value and a lifestyle and not a driver’s obligation.

Investigating causes and expertise accidents

The purpose of the seminar is to help trainees to:

  • Understand the risks that exist in a workplace not only for staff and customers but also for the environment
  • Exercise their ability tracing and identifying these risks
  • Evaluate the risks degree (in terms of frequency and impact)
  • Recommend measures to eliminate or reduce these risks

Health and Safety in the tourism sector

Especially in the tourism sector, ensuring travel service’s health and safety has proved significant. After a number of very serious accidents, both globally and nationally, Health and Safety is strictly required not only for tourists but also for hotel owners and tour operators.

The lack of actions in this direction has been proved fatal to many hotels, especially in recent years where the requirements of tourist audience have increased significantly.

The educational services of Projectyou on Health and Safety in the tourism sector include:
“Health and Safety” training for hotel managers”
“Survey-Causes of accidents” training for hotel security officers
“Internal health and safety inspection” for hotel security officers.

Health and safety in the workplace

If someone considers the consequences resulting from any possible employee involvement in an accident, one will definitely want to redefine and upgrade the level and knowledge of employees concerning safety in the workplace and how they work in it. Each employee is entitled and should be trained properly, so that the chances of one being involved in an accident are drastically reduced.

This need for security can be covered by Health and Safety in the Workplace training. The training also seeks to raise awareness among workers on safety, and to support the company in introducing a new safety “culture”.

Microsoft Project

The participants are trained in the Microsoft Project program, using a personal computer, by executing short exercises during training as well as with the help of a project, the process of which they are asked to depict.

The course addresses to middle and senior executives who want to increase their skills in MS Project and executives who have no prior knowledge of any MS Project.

There are beginners, advanced and composite classes.

Project management

Companies implement their strategy and move from one state to another by organizing projects. The successful execution of projects, that is the materialization of the planned business case at the forecasted-and in even better- time, cost and quality levels than projected, is a prerequisite for a successful strategy.

Special training seminars in Project Management

Responsibility of a company that aims at continuous developement, is to organise the conditions for successful projects. Some of them are staff training in technical skills and behaviour, as well business-to-business structure, philosophy and culture creation that support the management based on projects.

Specialized preparation courses for IPMA certification examinations of Project Managers

Prepare properly for top international certification in Project Management of the IPMA (International Project Management Association). Take a place among the 100.000 project managers in 45 countries around the world!

The seminar addresses to new and experienced project managers, project team members, business executives and in general to anyone who manages, supports or is involved in projects. The seminar participants will gain specialized knowledge of Project Management and will obtain all the necessary supplies they need to become experienced project managers.

Our trainers, being themselves certified Project Managers and having already trained more than 170 already certified Project Managers in Greece, know exactly what and how each candidate should act in order to succeed in the certification exam of Project Management.