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Through e-learning: Video on Demand (VoD)



Η projectyou είναι εγκεκριμένος φορέας εκπαίδευσης (Authorized Training Partner) από το SCRUMstudy για την Παγκόσμια Πιστοποίηση Scrum & Agile. Η εκπαίδευση είναι ασύγχρονη και διεξάγεται καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του έτους.


Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) professionals have a practical, working knowledge of Scrum that equips them to implement and work in a Scrum environment. The purpose of the exam is to confirm the applicants have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply Scrum in the projects and to tailor Scrum in a particular scenario. SMC™ professionals are facilitators who ensure that the Scrum Team is provided with an environment conducive to completing the project successfully. The Scrum Master guides, facilitates, and teaches Scrum practices to everyone involved in the project; clears impediments for the team; and, ensures that Scrum processes are being followed.

Audience Profile

This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working as a Scrum Master or for someone who is already a Scrum master in his organization. Scrum Master is an important role in any Scrum team and need not be a technology expert to be effective. Moreover, although Scrum is popular in the IT industry, it can be used effectively across different industries. The SBOK Guide, on which the SMC course is based on, can be used as an effective guide for implementation.


There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. However, it is preferable to complete the Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) certification before applying for the Scrum Master certification.

Course Objective

The participants will be prepared to take SMC™ certification exam and pass. Also they will be able to apply the concepts in their day to day job.

Course Outcomes

  • Delegates will readily be able to recognize, define, and work with the concepts, advantages, and challenges of the Scrum Framework.
  • Delegates will gain knowledge pertaining to, and the ability to anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of Scrum.
  • Delegates will be armed with the proper tools to address, resolve, and take the lead on Scrum issues in their organizations.
  • Delegates will be provided access to an online exam. After passing the exam, each delegate’s certificate will be mailed to him or her.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Course Objectives
    • Course Methodology
    • Certification Schema
    • Exam Format
  2. Overview of Agile
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Agile Principles
    • What has Changed
    • Agile Methods
  3. Overview of Scrum
    • Definition and brief history of Scrum
    • Why Scrum
      • Scrum vs. Traditional Project Management
      • Benefits of Scrum
  4. Overview of A Guide to the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK™ Guide)
    • Framework of the SBOK™ Guide
    • Who uses the SBOK™ Guide
    • How to use the SBOK™ Guide
    • Scrum Flow
  5. Principles
    • Empirical Process Control
    • Self-organization
    • Collaboration
    • Value-based Prioritization
    • Time-boxing
    • Iterative Development
  6. Scrum Aspects
    • Organization
    • Business Justification
    • Quality
    • Change
    • Risk
  7. Scrum Phases and Processes
    • Initiate
    • Plan and Estimate
    • Implement
    • Review and Retrospect
    • Release
  8. Scaling Scrum
    • Scaling Scrum for Large Projects
    • Scaling Scrum for the Enterprise
  9. Transition to Scrum
    • Mapping Traditional Roles To Scrum
    • Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement
    • Importance Of Executive Support

Exam Format

  • Multiple Choice
  • 100 questions per exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 120 minutes duration
  • Proctored online exam.
  • Current Pass Rate: 95%

Maintaining Certification

To maintain the certification status, Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) professionals will need to earn 40 re-certification credits every 3 years.

Duration of training

20 – 25 hours


Αρχική τιμή: 410 €

Στο κόστος περιλαμβάνεται το εκπαιδευτικό υλικό, η συμμετοχή στις online εξετάσεις, καθώς και η έκδοση και αποστολή του πιστοποιητικού.

Σας προσφέρουμε δωρεάν και το webinar Scrum Fundamental Certified (SFC™), μια online ζωντανή εκπαίδευση που θέτει τις θεμελιώδεις αρχές της μεθοδολογίας Scrum.

How to participate

Through e-learning: Video on Demand (VoD)


Για διευκρινίσεις και εγγραφές μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε τηλεφωνικά στα 6977999254, 6943819013 και μέσω email στο info@projectyou.gr.


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    Scrum Master Certified (SMC™)