Γιώργος Λύκας

Trainer & Consultant
  • Mechanical Engineer graduated Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki
  • Certified IPMA project Mgr

George has undertaken the following roles in the Industry:

  • Transportation Mgr, REVOIL
  • Supply Chain optimization Mgr, ELPE
  • Transportation Mgr EKO-BP
  • Production – Inventories – Maintenance Eng, ALUMIL
  • Automations and Maintenance Eng, SIDENOR

During his career he managed fleets of 400 fuel trucks, Order to Delivery processes, Terminals operations, operators, drivers and supporting personnel, production lines, etc. He was instructor in various seminars in above companies in topics such as Work Safety Road safety, Transportation optimization , transport economics, procurement management, Risk Management, Change management, negotiations, etc.


He is member of TEE, certified LAEK instructor