European Master Logistician (EMLog)

Με δυνατότητα απόκτησης της Ευρωπαϊκής Πιστοποίησης ELA


04/05/2022 – 09/07/2022


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EMLog is a higher level of ELA certifications and offers executives who have gained significant experience in Supply Chain Management, the possibility of certification at the Strategic Management level, providing the European Master Logistician Certification or EMlog Certification. EMLog Certification is based on the European Logistics Association ELAQF standards which correspond to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). For EMLog Certification, the assessment focuses on all the qualifications – knowledge, skills and competencies – and the candidate’s adequacy to manage Supply Chain projects of strategic importance to any business or organization. Therefore, the evaluation of the academic and professional profile of the candidate is of primary importance.

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Regarding the candidate’s profile, it is necessary to fulfil the following formal requirements:

  1. Work experience: at least 10 years in senior management positions with a minimum of 7 years in the Supply Chain sector, and participation in a project or supply chain projects of strategic interest by assuming a managerial role.
  2. Education:

Bachelor’s degree in combination with one of the following:

  1. ESLog level certification (ELAQF level 6) and mandatory attendance of the educational program for the two thematic units (modules) that are not included in the respective ESLog certificate (10 hours per module) presenting a corresponding certificate of the educational institution.
  2. Master’s degree in Management, Supply Chain / Operations / Services / MBA.

Advanced specialization seminars with evaluation (Masterclasses) which are based on ELAQF level7 standards and cover all modules.


The candidate must also meet the following key requirements:

  1. Many years of professional experience in Supply Chain Management in senior management positions.
  2. Proven responsibility for project management of a strategic logistics project, setting goals and achieving them through people management – it is important to have real results from the implementation.

Knowledge and experience in all logistics functions, but also knowledge in areas necessary for the management of a project, such as accounting, cost control, human resource management, etc.


The evaluation is completed by submitting a dissertation as a written report, which is assessed as a document and then presented by the candidate. The dissertation deals with a research work in order to be resolved a real problem for the organization that is strategically important for the Supply Chain.

What the training courses include

The candidate attends all Senior level training modules (9 training days) and enjoys all the benefits of group training.

Duration of the training

The training-preparation lasts 60 hours. These hours are distributed in room, e-learning and homework.

Cost of the training courses

The cost for individual candidates is € 1,500 and an additional € 800 for the certification process.

For the unemployed as well as for group / corporate participations there will be a special agreement.


For clarifications and registrations, you can contact: 6977999254, 6946742009, info@projectyou.gr

Method of attendance

Live e-learning

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Payment methods

Participation fee must be paid for the position reservation. The deposit can be made either through our bank account at Alpha Bank IBAN GR7501401880188002330000131 (beneficiary projectyou ltd) or using a credit card by selecting the corresponding one from the buttons below.

European Master Logistician (EMLog)

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