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You want to be trained in a specific business field that interests you? You want to train the executives of your company? Our instructions are distinguished, with extensive experience in training executives.

If you want to build your new company, to improve the organization of your existing company or to materialize a new business idea, you can ask our advice and support.

You have an innovative business idea and want to transform it into a sustainable business?

We organize conferences, seminars, corporate presentations, and award events, as well as any other business event.


Corporate Responsibility Award

Aristeia-EKE-SDEThe Award for Supporting Young Entrepreneurship has been awarded to projectyou after organising 13 Startup Workshops, where more than 800 participants were trained! Thank you!

Education Leaders Awards 2021

Education Leader AwardsPROJECTYOU in cooperation with Green Cold Storage & Logistics Association and DIASTASI S.A. were awarded with the BRONZE award in the category of “Tripartite Collaboration in Training and Certification of Workers in the Cold Supply Chain Industry” at the EDUCATION LEADERS AWARDS 2021 of Boussias.

Education Leaders Awards 2023 (SILVER)

Projectyou in cooperation with TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) were awarded with the SILVER AWARD in the category of «Development of Horizontal Skills» for their work on «Developing the Soft Skills of the workers of the future» at the EDUCATION LEADERS AWARDS 2023 of Boussias.

Education Leaders Awards 2023 (BRONZE)

Projectyou in cooperation with TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) were awarded with the BRONZE AWARD in the category of «Online and Distance Learning» for their work on «E-Learning as an opportunity and not as a stalemate» at the EDUCATION LEADERS AWARDS 2023 of Boussias.

What they said...

I believe that the Project Management seminars that I have attended, with trainer mr. Kostas Theofanides belong among the best I have attended and I remember him whenever I attend a meeting where common sense, communication skills and technical thinking are completely absent.

S.F., Project Management Hard & Soft Skills Seminar – Preparation for IPMA certification.

The friendly approach, the immediacy of the speakers, the completeness of the presentation made ​​me feel that I am among friends who together strive for the best. Thank you for everything generously offered us.

Ν.Κ., 7th Startup Workshop

Congratulations to the hosts that took care every detail,before and during the seminar.Especially mr. Theofanides for his capability to communicate and interact with the participants. Finally,congratulations for the structure and the content of the seminar, which is out of the box.

Α.S., Advanced Startup Workshop

The workshop’s coordination and the ardent presentations of mr. Theofanides converted a demanding seminar into a pleasant workshop that did not tired us at all. Quite important role had the successful practices for the particiopants which were representative of the workshop.

Μ.Ε., 3rd Startup Workshop

4 reasons why we stand out!



We collaborate with experienced trainers: our trainers are leading in their business field, with extensive experience in training executives, having trained over 11.000 executives of all staffing levels in approximately 450 training programs.



You have active participation in our seminars: during our seminars, we do not only provide information but also convert that information into targeted knowledge. We also focus in exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences.



In Projectyou we attempt to introduce an unusual combination of offered value- cost, combining high quality of provided services with very low cost!



Over 9.000 executives and professionals attended our seminars, open to all or in business-to-business seminars, broadening their horizons in a variety of educational subjects.