“What people say about us…”

“What people say about us…”

Katerina Theofanidou is an excellent trainer. I did not want to lose a word. I was keeping notes all the time!

E.T. Project Management seminar

I believe that the Project Management seminars that I have attended, with trainer mr. Kostas Theofanides belong among the best I have attended and I remember him whenever I attend a meeting where common sense, communication skills and technical thinking are completely absent.

S.F., Project Management Hard & Soft Skills Seminar – Preparation for IPMA certification.

Thank you for the awesome seminar and the joy you gave us when you gave us the prize for our idea, as the best entrepreunership idea of the 12th Startup Workshop. In order the idea to proceed we need mentoring and as I have experienced the 12th Startup Workshop, I think that we can find that at projectyou.

G.S. 12th Startup Workshop

I would like to thank you for the 12th Startup Workshop. The whole organisation was perfect!

X.B. 12th Startup Workshop

A very clever seminar! Bravo!

Α.P., 12th Startup Workshop

Thank you once more! Your job is amazing!

S.G. 10th Startup Workshop

I attended on Saturday the Startup Workshop…Thank you for the hospitality, the knowledge, the way you showed us.

B.A. 9th Startup Workshop

Thank you from my heart for yesterday’s rich and gracious hospitality! Always be well and blessed!

K.R-P.A “Reorganise your life and win

The friendly approach, the immediacy of the speakers, the completeness of the presentation made ​​me feel that I am among friends who together strive for the best. Thank you for everything generously offered us.

Ν.Κ., 7th Startup Workshop

Excellent organisation and initiative.It is important in a such difficult period to organise workshops like this, so as to stimulate moral and give useful advice to those who want to create their own business.

Γ.Α., 4th Startup Workshop

I would like to express my special appreciation to your face. Your help you during the creation of the business plan of the group to which I belonged was excellent and I can say that in one hour you learned me a lot more about creating a business plan than I learned in four years studuing at college. Really, you are amazing and you have transmissibility. The workshop taught me many things and I pointed out some important issues that they had not reported extensively and had not given importance in college. I do not know if I will try in the near future, the creation of a business, but if I do it I have the bases. Thank you for everything..

K.G. 4th Startup Workshop, 13/10/2012

Projectyou professionals always want to be able to offer a very high quality of service and the best value in what they do.

G.C, MBA, youtravel.com

Congratulations to the hosts that took care every detail,before and during the seminar.Especially mr. Theofanides for his capability to communicate and interact with the participants. Finally,congratulations for the structure and the content of the seminar, which is out of the box.

Α.S., Advanced Startup Workshop

I believe the mr.Kostas is very good introducer and he probably is even better as mentor.

G.Μ., Advanced Startup Workshop

The workshop’s coordination and the ardent presentations of mr. Theofanides converted a demanding seminar into a pleasant workshop that did not tired us at all. Quite important role had the successful practices for the particiopants which were representative of the workshop.

Μ.Ε., 3rd Startup Workshop

I would like to thank you for the excellent organisation of seminars in Maroussi and Glyfada.It was an experience for me, for more thought and self improvement.There were heard many ideas and tactics.Finally, I would like to thank you, that you gave me the chance to meet people that have the same reflections and objectives with me. It is very important for me that I met people who have the same professional goals, with whom we cahnged e-mails so as to exchange ideas and thoughts.

G.S. Startup Workshop & Advanced Startup Workshop

The seminar was very good, I took a very good idea about the way of thinking I should have and I should follow, not only about entrepreneurship but also in general. Mr.Kostas is without comparison..a great teacher..I enjoyed it!

Startup Workshop 23/6/12

I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the event you organised the last Saturday at the Municipality of Maroussi. Mr.Theofanides is an exceptional scientist, coordinator and also a sensitive citizen who knows to create a friendly atmosphere.Your whole team is great and it will be my honour to cooperate with you again.I already talk with the best words for you and your work wherever I go.And not as adulation but because I experienced it and it is something I believe.

Startup Workshop 23/06/12

I had the chance to participate in three seminars of projectyou.Everything was organised professionally,the trainers were very good and the whole training experience was perfect.


The corporate officers of projectyou are professional business consultants who always offer very high quality of services and the best value to everything they do.

G.H. youtravel.com

I had close cooperation with corporate officer of projectyou for more than four years and I have been ίmpressed with her work.She is capable at the business consultancy and above all she brings results.