Project management at public sector

Project management at public sector

Companies implement their strategy and move from one state to another by organizing projects. The successful execution of projects, that is the materialization of the planned business case at the forecasted-and in even better- time, cost and quality levels than projected, is a prerequisite for a successful strategy.

Special training seminars in Project Management for public sector

Responsibility of a company that aims at continuous developement, is to organise the conditions for successful projects. Some of them are staff training in technical skills and behaviour, as well business-to-business structure, philosophy and culture creation that support the management based on projects.

The seminar participants will gain specialized knowledge of Project Management and will obtain all the necessary supplies they need to become experienced project managers.

This seminar was implemented with great success to 40 employees of City of Athens during October – November 2012.

Our trainers, being themselves certified Project Managers and having already trained more than 170 already certified Project Managers in Greece, know exactly what and how each candidate should act in order to succeed in the certification exam of Project Management.