ELA Certification – Sourcing – Dec 2022

The seminar is co-organized by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) and Projectyou


21/12/2022, 15:00 – 21:00


LIVE e-learning

Seminar Description

The seminar covers topics of Strategy, Procedures, Procurement Finance and Negotiations.

  • To strengthen the skills of the Procurement executives and to increase their efficiency.
  • To improve the workflow and reduce the response time to orders.
  • Reduce workload from low value tasks.
  • To help achieve more results for the benefit of the Organization, opening the “big picture to procurement executives”.

Seminar Contents

  1. Selection of suppliers
  • Market Research
  • RFI
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Sources of finding suppliers
  1. Specifications
  • Minimum specifications, desired specifications
  • Specification issue
  • Risks from too few or too many specifications
  1. Tenders
  • Defining the strategy
  • RFQ, technical documentation, financial offer
  • Evaluation criteria, factors of gravity
  • Favorable or more economical offer
  • One or more suppliers
  • Calculation of thrifts
  1. Authorization / approval limits
  • Procurement as a project
  • Business case, objectives, WBS, milestones, organization, stakeholders, communication
  • Gantt chart
  • Business case optimization
  • Performance vs Acceptance
  • Roles and responsibilities (RACI chart)
  1. Negotiations
  • Negotiation principles
  • Qualifications of the negotiator
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Win-win
  1. Economics
  • Project budget
  • Build-up cost
  • Total cost of ownership / Life cycle cost
  • NPV (Net present value)
  1. Optimal order size
  • Price sensitivity in relation to quantity
  • Grouping needs
  • Cost function
  1. Supplier management
  • Update before and after the tender
  • List of authorized suppliers
  • Ethics code of supplies

Is addressed to

Procurement executives and procurement managers and people who want to be active in the procurement field.


Educational material will be given to all participants, as well as and a certificate of attendance. Those who want to participate in the training can also participate through e-learning that takes place in real time, giving the participants the opportunity to have active participation and direct contact with the lecturer and the other participants.

Method of attendance

Kώστας Βούλγαρης

Method of attendance

LIVE e-learning

Participation Cost

Participation cost for Operational Level is 100 € and for Managerial Level is 150 €.

Additional 150 €, for those who want to participate in the examinations of the International certification ELA – Procurement (includes exam simulation, exam fee and certification).


For clarifications and registrations, you can contact: 6977999254, 6946742009, info@projectyou.gr

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